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The user-friendly guide for all New Zealanders.
The Raupō Phrasebook of Modern Māori is the most up-to-date, versatile and relevant resource for using Māori language in everyday life.

Whether you’re a novice or emergent speaker of te reo Maori, or a complete beginner, you’ll learn useful phrases for:
The home
The marae
The workplace
Meeting and greeting
Eating and drinking
Days, months, seasons and weather
Counting and learning
Travel and directions
Playing sports
Having fun and socialising
And so much more!

The phrasebook also covers dialects, grammar and pronunciation; answers to key questions; idioms and slang; proverbs and speeches; and provides information on the ever-changing history of te reo Māori. Useful vocabulary lists are also given for each section.

Written in a user-friendly manner, with everyday New Zealanders in mind, and with a focus on modern-day language, The Raupō Phrasebook of Modern Māori is the guide that no home should be without.