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Our Ngā Atua Resource box provides a fun and interactive opportunity for children to become familiar with ngā atua o Aotearoa. With all our most popular Ngā Atua Resources in the one box!

What’s included in the box?

  • Ngā Atua Colouring Booklet (23 pages)
  • Ngā Atua Sticker Pack (48 stickers, 6 designs)
  • Ngā Atua A3 Wall Display Poster Set (10 x posters)
  • Ngā Atua Certificates (30 Pack)
  • Ngā Atua Memory Game
  • Ngā Atua Cards – 9 guessing game cards & story card – On one side you will find clues in both English and te reo Māori giving the children a chance to guess the atua relating to the clues. On the other side you will find out more about the atua and their relationship to the natural world.
  • Hineahuone Book Pack – 2 x Books in te reo Māori & English 

Illustrated by Xoë Hall.

Atua Series written by TeacherTalk and Translated by Translation Services NZ.