January 15, 2018 / Ideas

Squish Dragon Art Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year on 16 February 2018! We have been trying out some of our activities from our Chinese New Year download (available on our website). This is an awesome open ended art activity to do with children of any age! 

Squish dragon painting!
Using different bright coloured paints, encourage the children to paint dolops of paint on the paper and then fold in half. The children then smush the paint around that is inside the folded paper. Once they feel they have finished, unfold their painting and allow to dry. Once their picture is dry, set up the art table with glue, streamers, confetti, googley eyes and whatever else the children wish to add to their pictures. Glue the little googley eyes and streamers or ribbon onto the paintings to create dragons!

Learning Outcomes:
Through this experience the children experience (Te Whariki, Communication, Goal 4) an environment where they discover and develop different ways to be creative and expressive. They can explore creating a masterpiece while using a number of different art mediums and materials, such as collage, painting and printmaking.  They can explore cause and effect, as well as gain fine motor development. There are also lots of opportunities for language and social development through these types of learning experiences. Providing this experience where children can learn alongside one another enhances the social learning outcomes. Having a teacher interact alongside the children as they engage in this learning experience also provides an opportunity for learning such as descriptive language, and problem solving. 



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