April Resource Box – What’s inside?

Thursday, 15 March 2018
April Resource Box – What's inside?

Wow – almost April? When did that happen? 

Our April box is now available! And probably our best yet! To be honest – they just keep getting better. It’s so hard to choose what to actually put inside these as we want to cover all bases, its tough but we think we nailed this box! The onlu thing we are missing, is Commonwealth Games activities – BUT we are working on something for this.

What are the dates to be aware of? 
There might be some you don’t celebrate and that is fine – it’s open to whatever is of interest to the children in your centre/school/home! Here are some links to further resources also – as not everything is covered in the box.

1st April: April Fools

2nd April: Easter Monday ( There are Easter resources in our March Box or online)

2nd April is also Internation Children’s Book Day: http://www.ibby.org/awards-activities/activities/international-childrens-book-day/?L=0

2nd April also Autism awareness day: https://www.autismspeaks.org/what-autism/world-autism-awareness-day

22nd April: Mother Earth Day: http://www.un.org/en/events/motherearthday/

23rd April: World Book Day: http://www.un.org/en/events/motherearthday/

25th April: ANZAC Day


So what’s in the box??
We have made a point to cover ANZAC Day as the main focus as this is a big date in NZ and Aus and important history for the children to learn about. We have also included a NZ theme sports jersey memory game that goes up to 20 in te reo Māori, AND OUR NEW BOOK!! IT’S NOT EVEN RELEASED YET!! The Clay WOman, in English and te reo Māori, woven and illustrated by Xoe Hall.

- Roly the Anzac Donkey by Glyn Harper and Jenny Cooper
- Jim’s Letters by Glyn Harper and Jenny Cooper
- Gladys gors to War by Glyn Harper and Jenny Cooper
- ANZAC Day Magnetic story that we created
-Our ANZAC Day download as a printed booklet
-Sports Jersey memory game flash cards
AND Our NEW BOOK: The Clay WOman, in English and te reo Māori, woven and illustrated by Xoe Hall

This box is a huge steal! We would love to hear what you think too and welcome any feedback. 

Cheers Teachers!

April Resource Box – What's inside?

Ice Cream Dramatic Play

Thursday, 22 February 2018
Ice Cream Dramatic Play

Ice Cream dramatic play download

I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream! 
We almost had as much fun setting this up as the children did playing with it. Excitement filled the room as the children arrived at day care in the morning to see an ice cream shop set up.

They all enjoyed each taking turns serving the ice cream to each other, choosing their favourite flavours and making orders. This download ice cream kit comes with:

- Signs for the different flavours of ice cream
- Signs for different toppings 
- Signs for cones, scoops, bowls
- Open/closed sign
- Today’s special faux blackboard sign
- Price list
- Menu
- Order form
- Play money, and receipt
- Welcome sign
- Cone template
- Colouring in pages, design your own ice cream page

What we did – we found all of the other props at Kmart, such as - plastic bowls, sauce containers, sprinkle containers. We were lucky enough to already have this awesome stand! 

But you could set it up on any sort of table.
We made coloured play dough for the different ice cream flavours and rolled them into little scoops. You could do this as an activity with the children too.

What we would want to know:

Would this be easier for you if we included some of the props in a physical kit that we send out to you? Or are you happy with the download and creating your own spin on the ice cream shop dramatic play?

We would love to hear what you think!

Ice Cream Dramatic Play